Our video and photo production segment,  is a creative-services provider that specializes in producing photo and video content for individuals and corporations. We utilize the latest technology to produce cost-efficient but quality services

Weddings, graduations, dedications, funerals, birthday parties, documentaries, luncheons, promotional as well as product related instructional videos and photos. Our business is increasing as we continue to produce quality video and photos to meet our client’s specifications and also support to broadcast their messages through the multimedia technology.   We are positioning ourselves to take over market share from our competitors and increase our profits.

We provide a full-range of video and photo related services including but not limited to: pre-production consulting, production, post-production editing, and video placement. Our placement package is created to help place videos/photos on web outlets such as YouTube, face book or directly on the clients’ website.

Individual events

We offer three different taping and editing packages which are based on an hourly-pay scale.


Services are provided primarily by the owner, with additional staff hired as needed on a temporary basis. Depending on the  size of the clients’ project

Corporate instructional videos:

We work under contract depending on the scope of the project.


This is a home-based business operating from its home office. We  rents supplemental video/photo production equipment and studio space from local vendors, depending on the size of a client’s project. We meet individually with clients at our home office, their homes, offices or potential event sites. We maintain on a continuous basis a set of high quality equipments and softwares  to boost our production.