African Diaspora Network (ADN) offers valuable assistance to people from the
US and some selective West African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Gambia,
Senegal, Benin, Niger, and Burkina Faso) to start business. We also help
existing businesses to export goods and services to markets around the globe.
Especially  the fast-growing Ghana market. ADN forms a network of trade specialists working to help both USA and West African companies get started in import/export or increase sales to new global markets.  We can also help you find the best opportunities for your business in both countries.


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We can help your company create a comprehensive international business
plan for entry or expansion into Ghana and the USA. We also assist
both USA and West African firms to understand the legal and regulatory
issues they will face in the market, customs and export processes, and
ways to protect their intellectual property


ADN stands ready to work with you to seek opportunities to advocate for
commercial sales in the USA and Ghana.We can assist US firms to overcome
market access barriers and take advantage of procurement bids in the Ghana


We can help you find qualified partners that have resources to bring your
products in the US and West African market.


ADN can provide market research and due diligence that will help you prepare
an effective market entry program.